Launched: April 08 2023, 01:02 UTC

World Now


Charity NFT collection created to help people in need


This project was created to help people who lost their homes due to the war between Ukraine and Russia and now have nothing to eat or drink.
People who buy our NFT will get access to everything they need.
World now.
Our mission is that every person can stand on his feet, despite all the setbacks and obstacles.
The money received from the sale of NFTs will go to help people in need. For each country we do 5000 nft. First exchange is Opensea 1000 nft, second exchange Blur 2000 nft, third exchange Binance 3000 nft.
After a successful sale of 5000 nft, people will receive a link to a site that will publish news about the country in English and Ukrainian.After a successful sale of 5000 nft, people will receive a link to a site that will publish news about the country in English and Ukrainian.With each new NFT exhibition, NFT will only get better and better.
My paintings are divided into 12 categories

lvana Kupala - 14NFT
War -259NFT
Architecture - 94NFT
History - 70NFT
Food - 8 NFT
The beauty of the country - 30NFT
New Year - 4NFT
Special photos - 81NFT
Monuments - 28NFT
Ukrainian people and animals - 369NFT
Ukrainian partners - 23NFT
Church - 20NFT
Advertising plan
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-Week 1: Tweet 1: Introduction of the NFT project and the mission to raise funds for the Ukrainian people affected by the war. Tweet 2: Images of some of the NFT artwork available for sale. Tweet 3: Link to the project website to learn more and purchase NFTs. Retweet 1: Retweet of an influencer related to art and culture.

-Week 2: Tweet 4: Interview with an artist who has contributed NFT artwork to the project. Tweet 5: Mention a Ukrainian charity that is working to help victims of war. Tweet 6: Sample of the fundraiser so far. Retweet 2: Retweet of an influential person in the fight against the war.

-Week 3: Tweet 7: Announcement of a live auction of some of the most popular NFT artwork. Tweet 8: Details on how to participate in the auction. Tweet 9: Images of the works of art to be auctioned. Retweet 3: Retweet of a leading person who defends peace in Ukraine.

-Week 4: Tweet 10: Publication of some testimonies of people affected by the war in Ukraine. Tweet 11: Link to an interview with a member of the NFT project team. Tweet 12: News post about the current situation in Ukraine. Retweet 4: Retweet of a prominent person who is talking about the crisis in Ukraine.

-Week 5: Tweet 13: Launching a fundraising campaign for the week. Tweet 14: Details on how to donate. Tweet 15: Thanks to the people who have already donated. Retweet 5: Retweet of a prominent person promoting humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

-Week 6: Tweet 16: Posting the details of an online fundraising event. Tweet 17: Information about the speakers who will participate in the event. Tweet 18: Invitation to join the online event. Retweet 6: Retweet of a prominent person who is speaking out about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

-Week 7: Tweet 19: Posting a virtual art gallery of the project's NFT artwork. Tweet 20: Information on how to visit the virtual gallery. Tweet 21: A special thanks to the artists who have contributed NFT artwork. Retweet 7: Retweet of a prominent person who is talking about the situation in Ukraine. -Week 8: Tweet 22: Announcement of the final results of the fundraising campaign. Tweet 23: Publication of a video thanking the beneficiaries of the project. Tweet 24: Thanks to all the people who have achieved.
NFT collection- What is the difference between our NFTs and why do they cost differently?
Hello everybody .
Price up to 100 USDT for this price you get NFT.
For a price of up to 200 USDT, you get NFT and a link to a site that publishes news about the country you bought.
Price up to 500 USDT you get NFT, news site, description to NFT.
Price up to 1000USDT you get NFT, news site and real stories related to NFT.