Our Mission

NFT Shill:

Supporting Creators & Collectors is our mission here at NFT Shill. We offer a variety of services including free project listing, access to statistics and reports.

Our Premium Membership Program gives Creators VIP access to our full suite of marketing tools. The Membership also includes a Premium NFT Shill Profile, free airdrops, exclusive promotions & giveaways, early whitelist for upcoming projects, and much more.

Our YouTube channel is at the centre of what we do, as we believe that transparency is the key ingredient for a healthy platform. Our vision is to build a community where NFT are at centre of what we do. We have a very ambitious plan, as we believe NFTs are here to stay. Providing releases, insights, news and events will be only the beginning of our journey. We are looking forward to having you join us and we are very excited for your contribution and success.

Meet the team:

Our passionate and enthusiastic team is the driving force behind NFT Shill.
We are at the beginning of our journey and we can’t wait to keep growing and welcoming new talent.
In the meantime we have a strong and dedicated core team which we’d love to introduce to you:

Maurizio, Founder
His enthusiasm for
NFT projects and Artists has no limits.
Davinci, Partner
He is a programmer, YouTuber,
and early Bitcoin adopter.
Claudia Lucilla
Social media
She knows her way around socials to find new artists.
Video Editor
He’s plumbing our raw footage to boldly express our artist’s vision.
Samantha, Twitter
Admin & More
She’s our Wonder Woman of office systems navigating our space with ease and pace.
Social Sidekick
This quiet snipper loves to surprise us with his youthful knowing and awareness for this space.
Senior Developer
Everything is possible when he puts his mind to it.