Wemic Lions Zoont Club (WLZC) Is Created ...">
Launched: March 17 2023

Wemic Lions Zoont Club


Wemic Lions Zoont Club (WLZC) Is Created By Zoont Club. WLZC Is The Collection Of 2000 Unique and Cool NFTs. We already Have 500 Of 2000 now. In Our Zoont Club their 200 members.


Also doing 50+ Giveaway In Twitter AND We Flip Our Price For Your Profit So, You Garra Can Hold it By Buying also We are Starting with Low Price and it will not take much Time to Increase Price and You guys know what to Do. Also We are Launching Our Own Coin (ZTC) and now we have decided its Price about $3 (but this coin project is for future) and The Holder of Our (WLZC)NFTs will have Advantages. It price will be increased.