Launched: February 06 2023

Vinyl The Zen BAYC#4957


Vinyl is an art toy brand connecting physical art toys and web3. By burning the NFT you will receive the physical art toy.


The first series from the VINYL brand is "The Zen". "The Zen" is a 3D NFT of Zen posed character.

The first 3D NFT from "The Zen" is based on Bored Ape Yacht Club #4957. The 3D art design is basically based on the official art of BAYC and completed with the imagination of our artist to model the whole body of the ape.

Allow List : JAN 20th 2023 AM02:00 (UTC)

Public : FEB 6th 2023 AM03:00 (UTC)

Allow List 0.25 ETH

Public 0.3 ETH