Launched: April 11 2023



Univertrix is a collection of NFTs that immerses you in a mysterious and vast universe filled with legendary characters and epic battles. With Univertrix, you can unlock the secrets of the cosmos and explore new worlds beyond your imagination.


Each NFT in the collection features a unique character from the Univertrix universe, with their own distinct history, powers and abilities. From fierce warriors to wise sages, from cunning tricksters to noble heroes, there's no shortage of fascinating and compelling characters to discover.

As you collect more Univertrix NFTs, you'll unlock new adventures and challenges, from epic battles to exciting quests. With each new challenge overcome, you will gain valuable experience and earn rewards that will help you on your journey.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of NFTs, Univertrix offers something for everyone. So join us today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos, where the fate of the universe hangs in the balance!