Launched: July 30 2022

Tsukino Neko


Intergalactic Moon Cats on a Nostalgic Trip

A story-driven generative PFP collection where owners earn $SEIKA at the Tsukiyama Shrine to be used for future mints and swag.


Utilities in holding a Tsukino Neko

- Access to a story driven comic
- Airdrops
- Bragging rights
- Tsukiyama, an artist focused collective for the promotion of small artists and community.
- Donation to Charity
- Tsuki DAO
- Non-Custodial Staking to earn $SEIKA
- Mints and purchasable using $SEIKA - Gen 1 Tsuki Augments
- Tokenomics
- Swag Shop
- Collabs with other artists
- Best community in Sol ecosystem

Premium Members