Launched: October 22 2023



First project invites you to request your unique trait, and we also distribute mint funds among our investors in the blockchain.


We’re working on a project using the Solana blockchain that aims to bring about positive change in the Web3. Our focus is on creating something that aligns with the values and needs of community, and gives back to the community. How does that sound?

First of all, what is the definition of our project and why did we do it?

The Trait Punks project is all about having a good time while also making some profit. It’s built on the concept of actively including the community in every aspect and decision-making process. This not only adds significant value but also plays a crucial role in ensuring the project’s success.

We started this project because we have a genuine passion for the web3. We also hold a strong belief that the way upcoming web projects are developed needs an upgrade to instill confidence in investors. Due to the overwhelming number of projects that prioritize profit over genuine value, we’ve noticed a decline in trust from individuals towards the potential of the third web. Our aim is to bring value by actively involving everyone and ensuring that profits are shared among all participants.

Simple Art & Idea
Our concept is straightforward, and our artwork reflects this simplicity. We’re firm believers that simplicity is the key to success in this space. Many thriving projects are built on uncomplicated ideas, art, and future goals. We don’t buy into grand claims about digital currencies, storage, staking, or locked profits, as these are ventures that lack a clear, direct path to sustained earnings. So, our idea is straightforward. With the support of our community, we aim to develop a robust project in this field.

In terms of art, our plan is to engage our community in its creation. They’ll even have their unique contributions in the design. Members can request to include their own designs, names, or images in our artwork, and we’ll gladly do so. This adds more depth and worth to our art. (is good to see something about you in a Nft project ;) ) We’re proud to be the first project implementing this enjoyable and enriching aspect, bringing more vibrancy to this fun and valuable space. (All infos in how you can engage with us will be in our socials)

And Now Let’s Talk How We Can Earn.
In our Discord community, we’ve introduced a special role called “@traitowner”. These are members who have the privilege of requesting a specific trait in the official collection. Additionally, they’ll enjoy a discounted price when minting. To learn how to acquire these roles, please join our Discord. Currently, we have 100 spots available.

As We said it’s simple

Trait Owners Are the highest role members.

What if i’m not a trait owner but i own your art ?
If you didn’t get the chance to become a trait owner in our initial Gen1 collection, don’t fret. You’ll still receive a reward by owning a certain number of NFTs from our first generation (we will decide the number) (This is to encourage new Buyers in the secondary marketplaces so our floor will raise). This will qualify you to be a trait owner in the second generation so you can ask for your trait, and you’ll also get a share of the mint funds.

Are there any other reward systems in the project?
Absolutely, we’ve got an additional income stream coming from the transactions in secondary marketplaces. So, whether you’re a minter, holder, or trait owner, you’ll also get a share of those funds. It’s straightforward — we’re all in this together, building a project from and for the community. (You can find all the detailed information in our Discord channel)

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s kickstart this exciting journey!