Launched: May 04 2023

The Wise Guys


During my youthful trips to Japan with my late father, I would encounter numerous businessmen, particularly bankers. These striking individuals consistently displayed a keen interest in me, inquiring about my education and my plans for the future. Despite their demanding schedules and lofty positions, they lavishly bestowed their time and attention on me, proffering advice as to potential paths I might take in my life.


'The Wise Guys' captures my vivid memories of these vibrant characters. They invariably maintained unwavering eye contact throughout our conversations, and my aim is to evoke the same feeling with all three subjects gazing directly at the viewer.

They are attired in suits to signify respect. The colorful patterns represent the myriad thoughts and ideas swirling around them. The green background symbolizes hope, suggesting new opportunities and a path to success if one heeds their sage advice. The orange signifies the rising sun, heralding the dawn of a new day and infinite horizons.