Launched: February 08 2023

The Tateism Club


The Tateism Club is an upcoming NFT collection emerged from the most famous man in the world Andrew Tate


5000 pieces based on real-life events and Andrew Tate's quotes

Whether you smoke or not, you will be mind blown by our Art

After Andrew Tate got banned and then sent to jail for no single justification THE TATEISM CLUB is born to carry on the Tates message

Real-world utilities that are completely new in the NFT space

Tateism Club NFT holders will be enrolled in a never-before-seen online Portal, a community where only the bright and successful minds will meet

As a holder, you will take a part in our DAO where you will be eligible to vote for the main characters and plot of our upcoming Andrew Tate short cartoon films

(After 40% of the supply sell out)

Holders would be able to promote new ideas, content, and their online businesses on our website's TV screen

irl events, Giveaways and more