Launched: January 30 2023, 14:00 UTC

The SheepNFT


Collection of 5556 sheep that opens access to staking and comics


We invite you to the world of wolves and sheep - a totalitarian dimension that is very reminiscent of our community. True, there are no people in it, but there is NFT! It's a comic book that captivates from the first page, which poignantly raises the question of the importance of personality in history and the individual's ability to go against the crowd and the system.
And this is a comic, based on which we release a collection of FREE NFT-tokens with the further ability to steak, customize and increase their rank.
A high rank will increase opportunities in staking and also give access to other privileges (we will talk about them later).
Also, every NFT owner will get free access to our comic in electronic format and will automatically receive a whitelist in our future collections.
Our collection comes out at the end of January. Join our discord, follow us on Twitter and follow the announcements.
There we will hold regular distributions of whitelists and hold votes.