Launched: March 16 2023

The Other Side of This World


What looks like a brand is a crossroad of life. 
The one that looks like a flower shows hope.
It shows the choices we make in life and the hope that lies ahead.


The other side of this world is the third piece in N.Y.’s _hope _series, created with traditional Japanese Sumi black ink and CG. The moving images are displayed and sold as objects using a proprietary display application and a special frame registered as a utility model. 

In 2010, Japanese artist and animator N.Y. started creating his endlessly moving images, moving black ink paintings contained within picture frames. With a filmmaking and animation background, he wanted to approach his work differently, to create film as something tangible — timeless images without the need for characters and stories. At the time, it was an entirely new approach to artmaking and filmmaking. The work was well received but not well remunerated. After NFT technology arrived, N.Y.’s avid fans became rabid collectors. 

N.Y. uses traditional Japanese Sumi black ink and digital technology (3DCG), a fusion of old and new technologies. This technique produces a mismatch of materials and becomes a new expression, allowing N.Y. to express the invisible, which is the underlying concept of his work.