Launched: February 02 2023

The Morning After Pam Met Tommy


In 1995, following a mysterious 96-hour tryst, America’s sweetheart married rock’s bad boy on a secluded beach in Cancun.


But Pam didn’t go to Cancun for Tommy. She was there for work, and he pursued her there. The far-flung location, exotic beaches, and mermaid costume were just a part of Pam’s workaday life, though the length of the shoot has since gained an air of lost weekend mystique.

For this drop, Stephen Wayda — the photographer and personal friend who traveled with Pam for the shoot — is releasing a collection of 50 never-before-seen black-and-white and color photos, giving a glimpse at Pamela Anderson just hours before her star hitched to glam rock’s bombastic bad boy, an event that became surprisingly significant to American pop culture during the 1990s.

Take a glimpse into Pamela’s playful character and nature while being photographed by Stephen Wayda through this Collections release.