Launched: February 21 2022

Holiday's Children Collection


This is a rare, unique and exclusive collection of 13 NFTs of the social portrait of Brazil in a 50's building at the Coast of Boa Viagem Beach (Recife/PE/Brazil), the first of the region, the “Holiday Building”. With more than 2,000 residents, they are “The Holiday’s Children”


This is a rare, unique and exclusive collection of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) of the social portrait of Brazil in a 50's building.

The building was embargoed and decommissioned in 2019, now abandoned. It harbored several dreams and stories of struggle. How many memories does the Holiday Building carry?

The workers and their families that support the basic services of the south zone of Recife, these are the “Holiday's children”. On a daily basis, more than 2,000 residents came and went among the 476 apartments spread over their 17 floors. Each door, one world. The neighborhood was the owner of a common routine and full of life. On the first floor of the building, the kitchens of the beach huts worked, frying their fish; there was a seamstress doing hemming, children playing in the hallways, transvestites enjoying the day with the sound of a bolero, the late afternoons had a privileged view. A community by the sea, and that bothered me. The photographer Pri Farias recorded some of these moments and daily experiences of the building with her eyes, in the year 2010, while life was happening fully, without any prediction of what was to come. The collection is now turned into NFT and is available to Collectors and Investors.

The complete "Holiday's Children" collection consists of 13 exclusives NFTs. The purchase and sale transactions are exclusive on the platform, the main NFT store of the SOLANA network, guaranteeing very low fees and fast transactions.