Launched: July 24 2022

The Fools


THE FOOLS is a collection consisting of 5,000 pieces that are ready to be minted . All NFTs are generated by an algorithm that guarantees their uniqueness on their TRAITS and depending on your luck you may be rewarded with a RARE traits NFT rather than a COMMON traits NFT.

For mint your own NFT you have to select ETHEREUM NETWORK on your METAMASK WALLET, press the MINT button and approve the transaction. You will recieve your NFT in your wallet after a few seconds.

Good luck minting of your NFTs


THE FOOLS is a new Blockchain Startup which aims to enter the world of digital collectibles.
With a max supply of 5,000 randomly generated NFTs, full of totally different properties for each of them.

Our group is composed of proven professionals in the IT sector who strongly believe in the use of Blockchain in the world as a DECENTRALIZED,UNSTOPPABLE,INCENSURABLE system.

In this first stage of our birth, our goals are to release our first collections, but looking more over the long period we want to create an established BRAND of digital collectibles and expand into the world of DEFI-SERVICES and in the world of NFT GAMING PLATFORMS