Launched: November 25 2022

The Doge Academy


We would like to invite you to join our first semester of our program: ‘Launch your own NFT Project’ over the The Doge Academy allow list via PREMINT and look forward to seeing your one of a kind Doge Academy PFP minted on November 25th! The Profile Picture NFT you will receive after minting is beautifully hand drawn and will also act as a pass to enter the live NFT Course in our Discord Server.

Please feel free to hop in and say hello or ask any questions you may have and also follow and share our posts on Twitter! Minting will take place at from Nov 25th to Nov. 30th.


The Doge Academy (TDA) powered by The Doge NFT (Twitter: @ownthedoge) is a web 3.0 educational project focused on providing real world utility through education. This live course, led by TDA industry professional experts, will teach you to create and deploy NFT projects from start to finish. Not only will students learn to create 1 of 1 NFTs, you will actively engage in large generative projects under the guidance of seasoned professionals in guest lecture roles, powered by our TDA partners. No coding experience is required.

Doge King and his team of expert instructors have worked tirelessly to open TDA’s doors to the general public for the first time, live and in person. In just nine weeks, you will possess the skills to launch your own NFT project. Ready to invest in yourself and unable to attend our live courses? Each session is recorded, allowing students to learn at their own pace and schedule. Need help? TDA hosts office hours so everyone may participate, any time, any place. TDA is here to answer your questions from beginning to end, beginner or intermediate.

Come find your new community, your new home with The Doge Academy.