Launched: August 31 2022

The artisan - Boxes


Our goal is to create the first physical luxury watches boutique in the metaverse and a brand new staking system based on $ARTSN


The Artisan is a project that links the metaverse with the real world, bringing to everyone a watches boutique experience into your home, sharing with holders earnings of all their activities.

After the successful mint (sold-out) of 2000 NFTs. A new collection of 2000 BOXES collection. Collect both NFTs to open the door to many more features!


Raffle system where physical Rolexes can be won (Using SOL, $ARTSN and other tokens from different NFT ecosystems)

Staking for the economic token $ARTSN

Metaverse Boutique where physical luxury watches can be purchased by crypto

Luxury watch (Rolex Submariner) giveaway to holders bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world