Launched: February 08 2023



“Favourite” in Japanese, Sukina is a collection of pieces that represent me, my origin, my journey, and my ethos. A compilation of past and present. Pieces created with a challenge in mind to think outside the box of just photography. Of just cinematography. Of just motion graphics. A combination of elements, techniques, and individual eras of mine to marry in harmony. To test your patience and attention. To display outcomes from a non-frantic nature. To escape instantaneous needs that have been pushed upon us. I wished to find a way to show as many of my interests as possible within all including the one underlying urge to move about the planet and expand your perspective. We miss out on these moments and places if we’re stuck daydreaming on our devices.


This collection opens on February 8 at 7:00 pm EST. It features one 24 hour ranked auction, one 24 hour Open Edition and one 24 hour drawing. When the ranked auction enters the final 5 minutes, every successful bid will reset the timer to 5 min. Minimum bid increase of $10. Collectors who collect all three from the primary sale will receive an exclusive limited edition work entitled  Dunescroll via an airdrop after the primary sale closes.

About Grams

Grams is a visual fabricator dedicated to expanding perspective with work that is somewhere between what happened / made happen. creating to promote positive mental health through art. an importance upon forcing detachment from toxic office cultures + unhealthy work-life balances through nature + travel thus allowing people to rediscover critical thinking + presence. his art is influenced by everything that comes with this journey of life and has toured the world via snowboarding, musicians, and food.