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Stereotyped Elephant World


Stereotyped Elephant World is an NFT project that aims to peel back racist ideology and promote equality and respect for every individual. The project uses comic and ironic elements to portray different elephant cultures, without ever descending into ridicule or disrespect. Each elephant is represented with dignity and respect for the culture of its place of origin.
Each NFT represents a specific elephant, with its own unique name and history. Users who purchase an NFT become the owner of the represented elephant, which they can use as their avatar or collect as a piece of art.

SEW has just 100 rare pieces COMPLETELY DESIGNED AND PROJECTED BY HAND, making it unique and of high value. This differs from traditional NFT collections, which often use computer-generated designs.

The project also includes a limited edition of NFTs, these NFTs represent celebrities from around the world and feature unique, customised designs. The purchase of these particular NFTs will require passing certain selection criteria.


Once upon a time there was an elephant called Bob who lived in a distant, decadent world. One day, he decided to leave his lands and set off to discover new horizons. He boarded a spaceship and, after a long journey, entered the atmosphere of a new world.

Bob was fascinated by the new world and slowly as he travelled, he discovered that he was not alone. He met many interesting and varied peoples with different cultures and customs. Bob's curiosity, always a skilled explorer, allowed him to get to know the various peoples and their traditions.

He thus discovered new elephant cultures that, although so different, were also profoundly similar. He discovered that there were elephants who lived in large cities, nomadic elephants who travelled the world, elephant farmers who cultivated the land, and elephant artists who expressed their creativity in many different forms.

Bob felt happy to have met all these new friends and to have learned so much about elephant culture. He knew that there was still much to discover and that his journey was only just beginning, but he was happy to know that he was not alone in his journey. Elephant Bob had discovered a new world and with it a new sense of community.