Launched: March 14 2023



Sweets with Soul for Everyone. Soulether is a free mint 3D art NFT collection.

Welcome to Candy Land

In the secret Candy Land, all candies are dressed in white robes. They were living together peacefully. One day, something weird happened to one candy.


When the candy was chosen by a man by chance, it turned into a soulful, fancy-dressed candy. Finally it became a pet candy that can live with human.

It became a sensation and was coveted by all.

Now, candies are wandering the human world and searching for someone who can give them the fulfilled soul they desire.

Whitelist Mint

Date: Feb 14

Public Mint

Date: March 14

Collection Size: 2,222

Mint Supply: 2,000

Marketing: 222

Chain: ETH

Price: Free

Type: PFP