Launched: June 03 2022

Solana Samurai


A collection of only 400 unique Samurais who came to the Solana blockchain from the Edo period in Japan


The Countdown
・Designing and perfecting the artwork behind our collection.
・Building and fostering a strong and supportive community.
・Marketing and Community giveaways.

Minting Process ( 06.03 )
・400 Solana Samurai will be released into the Solana blockchain
・After our public launch we will immediately work towards getting our Discord verification for all holders as well as the rarity and analytics tools.
・We will officially list our collection on most popular secondary markets.

Token/Staking and official site ( 06.04-06.10 )
・Official site and staking platform
・We will be launching an $SAMU token on the Solana blockchain and staking will be available shortly after launch via our staking dashboard where you can stake your Samurais and earn passive income through our $SAMU token.
・Having a staked Samurais will make your eligible for exclusive airdrops and rewards.

DAO Launch ( 06.15-07.01 )
・The DAO wallet will be funded through 25% of the Mint Revenue and 50% of the secondary market royalties.
・The DAO funding will be voted upon and can be used for a variety of things such as: Charity, Adding liqudity to $SAMU, sweeping the floor, rewards, development towards a specific project, or investing into other projects to grow the DAO wallet further.

Roadmap V2.0
・Holders will be airdropped a treasure map, decoding and solving the puzzle will lead them to our Roadmap V2. All we have to say about Roadmap V2 is ??