Launched: July 31 2022

Shellz Orb


Shellz Orb is a lore and art-based brand set in a post-apocalyptic world. Our journey begins in NFTs with the goal of making Web3 within an arm's reach of every person on earth. The expansion of the brand begins with an apparel line, record label, and introduction of new characters. What comes next will be guided by passion and collaboration with some of the most prominent players in entertainment. We welcome you to the greatest walk of your life.

Art department led by Voyager whose work is seen in Magic the Gathering & League of Legends & Adobe 25 under 25 awarded.

We are a brand building for the future. The path we take will be guided collectively by the community, team, partnerships, and opportunities that arise along our journey to becoming the most epic (and well-drawn) character-driven brands.



We won’t put out malfunctioning and cheap merch.
We won’t allow IP to be licensed to something that is not dope AF.
We won’t give flashbacks of SimCity 2000 with a rushed animated series or game.
We won’t leave the early believers unrewarded.


We will build upon the passions and skills that lie within us.
No matter the path, our passions will lead the way.

Jamieson Hill - Creator (,
Finn - Co-Founder (

Artist team:
Voyager - Lead Designer - Adobe 25 under 25, League of Legends, Magic the Gathering (
Andy J - Lead Animator & World Designer - Rifters Game (
Rikki Velez - Illustrator - ESPIRT (
Pink - Illustrator (
Liza - Illustrator & Animator
Dasha - Web Design
Malü Duque - Assistant Colorist
Dexter Wandel - Cinematographer - HBO, Estee Lauder (
JÅCK FORD - Audio Design
Dino P - Head of Apparel - 20+ years in the garment industry
Collab Team: David Berg AKA Buckets, NickySushi, BrianFwdSlash

Blockchain Developer:

Advising team:

Oceanone - Investor and NFT connoisseur
Robert Menendez - Founder VEZT - Blockchain Music - Former Hedge Fund Partner (
Tanja Aalto - Former Managing Director @ Barclays Capital - Angel Investor (
David Modiano - Managing Director of Capital Strategies at Thales Capital Partners (