Launched: February 03 2023



Sensuality began as a nervous groping toward destiny that evolved into a journey of self-discovery for artist Debra Gloria over a decade ago.


It is not just a project, but a love story between an artist and her muse, the artist and herself, as well as the selflessness inherent in sharing our inner visions with the world. It is her life’s work thus far; it is passion, vulnerability, fear, hope, and the quiet unpacking of desire veiled by insecurity. Sensuality is a story celebrating women, loving them, and recognizing what it takes to overcome the fear of intimacy. It is an invitation to discover new worlds within us.

“This project is deeply personal to me, but my hope is that others will find comfort and understanding in it as well. My goal is for collectors to see themselves in these images and to know that their experiences and feelings are valid. Sensuality is more than just a feeling, it's a way of life. It's about embracing love and connection and experiencing the pure pleasure of being alive. This collection is a reminder to take nothing for granted and to leave nothing unsaid. Through Sensuality, I discovered my own ability to heal and let go of my inhibitions. I share it now with the intention of inviting others to do the same, to let down their guard, to listen to the wisdom within, and to allow sensuality to flow freely.”