Launched: June 10 2022

Seals Rescue Club


Seals Rescue Club is a collection of 6000 FunkySeals with ERC-721 standard in Ethereum blockchain.


This NFT collection was created with the aim of supporting renewable energy and supporting anti-pollution associations, to which you will contribute with a purchase of a seal. For this reason, after the sale of collection, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the associations that we will decide together.

Initially the first 1000 seal nft will be minted on opensea at $25 to allow everyone to buy it at a low price with the only difference that those who are faster will get the rarest. One owner will be extracted for every 100 nft sold who will receive a free nft. Finally, the crypto (SealCoin SLC) will be released which can be used for exchanges/donations to all anti-pollution and renewable energy associations.

Among you, 60 seal owners will be drawn to receive 10’000 Seal coins. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE…