Launched: February 08 2023

Saplings: Dynamic NFTs Fighting Climate Change


We’re living through change so profound.
As the earth heats up, we can’t just stand by and watch — the time to act is now. We won't be able to stop climate change alone, but we can at least try to cool down the planet by spreading awareness and taking real-world actions.


Discover Saplings, an NFT Collection mixing charity and innovation. 
Discover the Saplings’s Universe, a nostalgic mash-up of the team's favorite childhood games: animal crossing, pokemon, and tamagotchi. This immersive experience will be your new profile picture, your life-long companion, and a long-term mini-game with benefits.

Each Saplings will be randomly generated from a mix of over 100 traits, on-the-fly, when minted. 100% crafted and hand-painted by our team of 3D Designers and Concept Artists (Textures, 3D Accessories, Backgrounds, Expressions and Poses). There are over 20 millions potential combinations and each one is guaranteed to be unlike any other in existence.

- It's a "charity" project, when you buy 1 NFT, we give back 50% of its price to NGOs fighting global warming and deforestation.
On a mission to spread awareness and educating people on the climate crisis—we are here to create a lovely, regen(erative) community and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

- We are the first fully immersive and interactive NFT on Polygon.
When you buy an NFT, you are granted a fully Tamagotchi little game playable right into your browser.

- We have a battle pass, a loot boxes system, weekly quizzes and event all based on climate issues and long term education.

- We introduce a new innovation that has not yet been seen, you will now be able to update your NFT profile picture by using our immersive 3D feature and change it throughout all the marketplaces and social media.

- We reward you on the long term with in game accessories and IRL benefits.

- You will be part of one of the most lovely and (eco)-friendly Community