Launched: March 28 2023


Summary: Decentralized RideHailing App. medallion collection mint live at:


The Problem : “Uber Drivers are being exploited by these corporations and government has yet to do their job to protect us,” said Steve Gregg, a full-time Uber and Lyft driver for nearly two years who helped organize the rally in San Francisco.

The Solution: Driver Owned Network

Source :New York Times - "2 Taxi Medallions Sell for $1 Million Each"

The Story: Medallion Throwback

The medallion was created in New York back in 1962, In order to control the amount of Taxis in the New York City region, a medallion was required in order to operate a yellow cab, The price of a medallion started at 11K, and only 13 thousand medallions would be distributed. The price of the medallion exploded topping out at around 2.5 million dollars each by the end of 2014. However, greedy politicians started creating new medallions and diluted the supply crashing the medallion down to 170K each.