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Retrievers (RETR) is a set of 5,555 algorithmically created and hand-drawn NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These cute little dogs are building their own spaceships and traveling through the metaverse in search of new friends. Are you ready to step forward and join them in this new adventure?


These cute and playful creatures will grow up and develop their own homes in The Sandbox, where they will build a new planet in the metaverse that is full of surprises.
We want to build a community that has a strong identity and is focused on art. Our ultimate objective is connecting Web 3.0 to the analogous world through a physical gallery and shop, where you will be able to partake in art exhibitions.

Our team is made up of seasoned artists and business experts who are all passionate about retrievers! We would love to collaborate with a variety of individuals and communities that value cuteness, bravery, strength, passion, compassion, and creativity.

Our principles are rooted in the community, but they also extend to those who are in need of our assistance. For this reason, we are pleased to announce that 10% of the money raised from purchases will be given to Ukraine's cause.