Launched: March 09 2023

Remix Me #4 - Omnibus


Over the course of three separate drops, OG crypto artists Hackatao made NFT history with their legendary project 'Remix Me,' which opened up collaborations between the duo's source image and dozens of crypto art Savants.


For the final release in this epic series, Hackatao has created a single piece based on the art submitted in the previous three releases: Remix Me #4 - Omnibus

Instead of selling this work, Hackatao will airdrop it as a limited edition to current holders of existing Remix Me artworks as a token of appreciation for their support. The snapshot for the collectors has already been taken.

To bid a warm farewell to the project, in addition to this final drop, Hackatao are hosting an event at the Milan Digital Culture Center on March 9, 2023. This event, geared toward education around NFTs, will highlight how the Remix Me project has navigated the intersection between collaborative art making and the legal boundaries that often accompany these endeavors.

The event also includes a Hackatao exhibit featuring the original canvas that was sold to Piselli & Partners, as well as an immersive VR exhibition (powered by showcasing the previous 3 Remix Me editions and all of the Single Artworks submitted by the collaborating artists throughout the project.

There is an immersive theatre at the Digital Culture Center where more artwork will be shown, and where panel discussions will be held about the project. MakersPlace will contribute a 10-minute virtual presentation that discusses the technical aspects of the Remix Me project, with a focus on the dynamic token.