Launched: August 08 2021

Photographic Art - SUP


Photography and photographic art project composed by unique works that can only have a single owner each. All the works are created by me (Fran Afonso) and several of them have a close relationship with my audiovisual project Sembrando un País (SUP).


"Photographic Art - SUP" is a collection of photographs and photographic art made by me (Fran Afonso), there I present a very varied selection of my works that range from experiments to very elaborate. Likewise, the themes of the works are very diverse and range from fantasy, nature and plants to urban environments, abstractions and portraits.

Many of the works that I present here are related to the project Sembrando un País (SUP), which is an audiovisual project dedicated to agriculture, livestock, ecology and natural environments (you can find us on YouTube: c / sembranounpais). I am co-director, founding member and presenter of this project.

The idea of ​​selling NFTS lies in getting economic support to continue working on the project and at the same time be able to continue developing my skills as a photographer and photographic retoucher. At the same time I want to offer collectibles for the followers of my work; However, instead of publishing NFTs in Bundles, I prefer that each of my photos be a unique piece and for that reason only mint an edition of each of my pieces.

The latter is because I conceive my photographic work as art and not as simple collectibles, and in this regard I think art should be unique and that therefore there should only be a single NFT of each of my works so that each of them can only have a single owner.

On the other hand, the idea that my works are unique pieces is also to offer those who support me digital assets that may be significantly revalued with depending on the growth of my projects and my career.