Launched: May 01 2022

Personal Dog Fantasy


600 Unique NFT images + 100 GIF NFT.


700 UNIQUE PREMIUM NFTS ON ETH NEWTORK 20+ UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES ALL HAND-DRAWN ARTWORKS In the collection of “PERSONAL DOG FANTASY,” all Dogs are limited in quantities of 500, Dogs Fantasy Owners is limited for 100.

Each individual Dog and Owner is specially designed, dressed in unique hand-drawn attributes, and treated as a high quality art piece. All Dogs belongs to their Fantasy Owners, 5 unique dogs for each of 100 Owners.

Each Owner NFT is dedicated to well known and famous person and has 5 Personal Fantasy Dogs. All five dogs is similar in style and traits. Full set of PDF contains 1 Owner and 5 of His Personal Fantasy Dogs.

All Owners and their Dogs will be reveal by creator only in Phase 5.