Launched: September 15 2022



Pee Upside Down NFT is a collection of 11,000 mysterious creatures from the parallel world that are trying to destroy the human financial system. The portal between the two worlds is now open, and only the bravest and strongest can confront them.

Collect and tame those creatures to restore the balance of the world.


World in 2202, a sequence of natural disasters, diseases, inflation, and wars… emerges with unusual intensity, which leads to global panic. The root of all this chaos is a mysterious creature from an upside-down parallel universe. It absorbs human fear to increase power, so its evil scheme is to reset all human material values to zero, especially in the crypto market, to create extreme fear across the world.

A group of bravest, toughest people gathered and entered the Upside Down world to defeat that creature. Turns out it used that panic to form 11 types of monsters - corresponding to the 11 largest cryptocurrencies to create even more chaos. And now, your mission is to collect these dreadful creatures and stop them from performing the ritual of… peeing on our crypto charts.