Launched: March 14 2023

Parallax View


On the heels of sold out drop 'The Gift of Little Red' on Nifty Gateway, where Arne Spangereid and ineffable collaborator and artist champion AnimusNFT collaborated with The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, 'Parallax View' brings Arne's vivid and complex oil paintings and their corresponding NFTs to MakersPlace for their genesis drop.


Each piece is tied to an unlockable unique 1/1 oil painting, or collectors may purchase an additional museum quality giclée or AR print. Check out more in-depth details on unlockables and artist bios below.
In Arne's own words:

As the eyes of humans and other creatures assume different positions on the head, they offer different views at the same time. Each of our eyes sees objects according to its own line of sight. Our brains meld the distinctions into a 3D image, giving depth to what we see. We call this phenomenon a Parallax View.
My art now exists in two dimensions: in the physical realm as oil paintings and in cyberspace as crypto art. It’s still the dawn of this new reality for me, as it is for many artists, yet I can see these two coalesced lines of sight revealing a distant and as yet unknowable horizon.

Parallax also suggests each painting’s duality: two worlds intersect, the temporal and spiritual — or body and mind. The world of countless ideas collides with our consciousness at an unimaginable and often indiscernible rate. The internet is oxygen. We inhale it directly through our screens, the exhalation of the others with whom we co-inhabit it.

When I see a woman seated on a blue chair gazing out into the distance, I recognize that her body is there but her mind is elsewhere. She exists simultaneously in two parallel dimensions. What do you see through your own Parallax View?