Launched: January 30 2022

Paradise Predators


These Apex Predators Are creating Awesome Experiences in the Cayman Islands! Present your NFT to get discounts from various attractions/businesses including: Stingray Tours, Bioluminescent Tours, Water Sports, Fishing Charters, Island Tours, Private Boat Charters and more to come!


This project is all about providing the opportunity for both local and visitors to experience the Cayman Islands. Since the pandemic, the Island has been closed off and with Tourism being one of our biggest sectors, this has truly brought about massive repercussions for many families that depend on Tourism to put food on the table. The Paradise Predators were made to tap into the NFT market in an effort to reignite tourism in an entirely new sector now that the borders are re-opened.

The cause that the Paradise Predators NFT collection has decided to support his autism. This choice was made based on a close personal understanding of the financial and emotional struggles that parents and families of children with autism have to go through. Children are special and have “their own race to run”. It is our job to support them completely at their pace of development.