Launched: May 08 2023

Our Force 1 NFT Collection by Nike


Global sportswear brand Nike is cementing its Web3 positions, releasing the first NFT drop on its brand-new .Swoosh platform. Dubbed Our Force 1 or OF1, a new NFT series features virtual sneaker NFTs based on the legendary Nike Air Force 1 – the iconic shoe design remixed hundreds of times since its initial release in 1982.


This unique collection of NFTs on Polygon will come in two digital boxes – the Classic Remix and the New Wave box. The Classic Remix digital box will contain pairs of Air Force 1 shoes released between 1982 and 2006, and New Wave boxes will feature sneakers designed in 2007 and later. Some of the boxes will also contain customized AF1s designs, namely with a “nostalgic twist” in the Classic Remix boxes and a “futuristic twist” inside the New Wave boxes. Priced at $19.82, a tribute to the year Nike Air Force 1 was released, sneaker boxes will be available for purchase using fiat currency only.

Nike has unveiled that each NFT will come with a paired 3D file that collectors can use to "express themselves in new ways." The brand always stated that adding exclusive physical products or experiences to NFTs from this collection is among the plans.

Starting April 18, Nike will start airdropping Virtual AF1 posters – the key needed to unlock an OF1 box NFT – to selected .Swoosh members. They will be able to get early access to the mint on May 8. Those who do not qualify can still join the entire .Swoosh community to purchase OF1 boxes on May 10.

Eager to know what's hidden in these boxes? Set a reminder so as not to miss out on owning a unique digital sneaker inspired by the iconic Nike Air Force 1!