Launched: April 29 2022

Premium Membership


2,000 NFTs, with 1% rarity, which will unlock premium perks for its owners designed to benefit Creators and Collectors!


We are very excited to introduce our lifetime membership program.

⭐️ Owners will benefit from:

1️⃣ Free Airdrops
We will airdrop FREE NFTs, whitelist spots and early access to mint new projects on our upcoming launchpad

2️⃣ Private Discord
You will have access to a members only Discord channel where you will be able to vote on new features and help us prioritise our builds

3️⃣ Charity Donation
We are really passionate about animal welfare and we will give back 10% of our profits to PetootiCats.

⭐️ New or existing projects registered on will benefit from all the above plus:

4️⃣ Join the top spot
While browsing, searching or filtering, top results are going to be reserved for Premium Members.
Also, there will be a Premium slideshow visible in any project detail page.

5️⃣ Showcase your NFTs
You will be able to list up to 8 NFTs in your collection page and they will also be featured in a new section of our website

6️⃣ Premium Design
Your collection will have a new design to ensure it stands out from the crowd, including a new personal page layout