Launched: April 06 2023

Net Zero Nerds


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Join the Movement to Fund a Solar Energy Project

Are you an avid supporter of renewable energy and climate action? Do you have a passion for NFT communities that are making a positive difference? If so, you won’t want to miss out on the Net Zero Nerds NFT movement.

What are Net Zero Nerds NFTs?

Net Zero Nerds NFTs are digital collectibles that help fund a solar energy project through donating the mint net proceeds to the Honnold Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports solar energy access worldwide.

The Net Zero Nerds NFT project aims to combine the power of digital art and blockchain technology to raise awareness and funding for sustainable energy projects. The NFTs for this collection are designed by our talented digital artist and co-founder, Ash, and showcase unique, colorful characters inspired by the the climate movement.