Launched: February 01 2022

Neon Prism NFTs


The genesis Prisma NFTs are building the fundamental base of a fully community-owned decentralized finance, yield aggregator ecosystem and metaverse bridge.


Prisma Finance provides a web3 dashboard, various yield options and NFT technologies. An Airdrop system, a generative art NFT Generator, a cross-chain NFT Marketplace and much more. Prisma NFTs equipped with different rates of mining power can mine a new revolutionary and deflationary token.

This platform token also represents the ecosystem governance including access and guaranteed allocation in upcoming token, game and NFT Art launches. Incentivizing long-term staking and liquidity provision by yield generating underlying assets, strong holders get rewarded the most. Various functional NFT projects like generative art, real life artists, games and other companies are in the pipeline.

Aiming to be the turnstile of decentralized services, providing a personalized Web3 DeFi dashboard and building interoperable NFT and game bridging networks. On top of our generative yield ecosystem we are building the next-gen decentralized and disruptive mediation platform based on agnostic render and file storage protocols.