Launched: February 24 2023



A collection of 3333 unique digital NFT "pills" designed by renowned underground artist Chemical X to inject some feeling, fun and colour back into the lives of the inhabitants of the pristine but sterile metaverse of 2088.

A world of users, creators, wheelers, dealers and kingpins are forming an underground economy in the digital underworld of the future.


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An NFT project – In the future, the metaverse is the dominant reality, where people spend 99% of their time, where business is done, relationships play out, and – thanks to technology – feelings and sensations are felt as though real.

But it’s boring. SO boring, since being largely appropriated and homogenised by the global government.

These NarcotiX – these digital pills – have been developed to inject some fun back into virtual life. Illicit hacks and mods that allow for real human feelings, as well as unreal human feats, and absurdist idiocy.

Because, why not? The only limit to these bettaverse experiences is the imagination of the Xemists who code the pills. Collect and deal NarcotiX, stash them for a rainy day (with soon-to-be-unveiled benefits), and become part of a growing subversive community of Xperience junkies and kingpins of kaos…