Launched: June 19 2022

Naked Panda Crew


Naked Panda Crew is an amazing community of Web3 entrepreneurs and investors, providing support to each other.

8008 Naked Pandas are on a quest to find their worthy HODLERS with entrepreneurial instincts.
The NPC *(Naked Panda Crew)* holders will be able to stake their NFTs to receive $QuantumBamboo utility tokens, which can be used in innovative Play-2-Earn mechanisms.
The VC DAO will expand the use of the $QuantumBamboo and bring tremendous value to it.

2nd presale on 8th June 2022 at 9:30 PM HKT (GMT +8)

Mint period - 19/6 - 21/7
The price start from 1.2
The price goes up each time by 0.2 SOL


What is Special:

**Staking:** Stake your NFT and receive $QuantumBamboo. Attractive yield.

**DAO Ecosystem:** 75% of minting proceeds will to the Ecosystem fund that will be driven by the community as a DAO. It will help to achieve the long-term vision of our project.

**Sweep the floor:** Many NFTs on the secondary market will be bought back and burned. This will protect the floor price and give better risk/reward profile for holders.

**Play-2-Earn:** Increase your staking yield with our innovative P2E mechanism.

**NAKED VC DAO:** Each projects of the Decentralized Venture Capital will be governed by the $QuantumBamboo token. Driving value to the moon.

**Proof-of-concept:** Project Multigon will be first project of the VC DAO. A multichain NFT marketplace where revenues won't go to founders pocket, but used to buy-back and burn $QuantumBamboo. All projects of the VC DAO will have similar philosophy.