Launched: February 03 2023



Background Story
There have been rumors that there are creatures that exist on Earth that cannot be seen through the human eyes, but nothing has been revealed so far. Then one day, while MXUP LAB was testing their AR function, MXUP developers have discovered strange eggs and creatures. The developers of MXUP Lab kept it a secret from the world and began to observe these eggs and creatures and started to study them.


MXUP is a Web3.0 lifestyle APP that provides new and diverse experiences through blockchain and AR. Starting with Move 2 Earn, MXUP is preparing X2E services containing various game elements using AR.

Through the MXUP APP, MX EGG POCKET NFT can be revealed into an MX EGG NFT, and during this reveal, the exercise type and basic attributes will be assigned randomly.
In addition, MX EGG will hatch into one MX PET out of four pets through level-up. (MX EGGs and MX PETs will continue to be added)

With MX EGG/PET, users can receive token rewards depending on the results of the exercise done through MXUP. Enjoying various games and interacting with the MX EGG/PET through AR Vision will strengthen users’ mining abilities.

When the MX PET reaches a certain level, breeding can be done, and a new MX EGG can be obtained through breeding.

Meet the new Web.3.0 Lifestyle App MXUP today!

More detailed information can be found on the MXUP WEBSITE, and continuous progress of MXUP can be found by joining MXUP’s DISCORD or TWITTER account. is responsible for the minting, custody, and operation of the platform to allow the buying and selling of NFTs. accepts no responsibility in respect of the operation of the giveaway nor the quality and/or distribution of prizes or items attached which shall be the sole responsibility of the Contributor. The Terms and Conditions of the giveaway shall be a binding agreement between you and the Contributor only, and you accept that shall incur no liability in relation to the terms attached.