Launched: October 31 2022, 03:33 UTC



Unlike the anthropomorphic apes, bears and probably (at this point) mutant dolphins, Muggly Bunch is a gang of mostly-ugly yet extremely relatable two-dimensional hoo-mans.

You'll love us if you're looking for:
- PFPs with a popular cartoon art style
- Social gaming elements
- Culturally-relevant storytelling
- Merch with utility
- Just the right amount of nerdy

Everyone with a Gen 1 NFT will receive a free mint and additional whitelist spots for all future drops. Next is our massive, 100,000 full-colour collection that really brings our characters to life!


Starting as a personalised cartoon avatar maker by one dude in the UK during Lockdown 2020, Muggly Bunch has evolved into a punk sci-fi entertainment franchise that bridges the gap between base reality and the metaverse.

Our first foray into Web3 is the 10k "Flat White" NFT collection, with over 300 pixel-perfect hand-drawn features resulting in billions of possible combinations, and that's before adding even a touch of colour!

Beyond the PFP, every Mugg in the collection has on-chain Mind, Body, Spirit, Science and Magic attributes that integrate with a variety of upcoming online and offline games (including collectible card and table-top adventures) that will onboard new members to Web3 in a way unmatched by any other project.

The real magic of Muggly Bunch is the unique lore based around time loops, coffee, deep-space super-simulators and creative escapes from constant, looming doom. We're ready to take it to TV with an animated series that has the potential to topple the biggest adult toons on the planet, and we want you to be part of it.

Join the Muggly Bunch and be early to the best show on Earth, in this dimension and the rest.