Launched: May 08 2022

Mini Lands Official


We work on VR for Mini Lands and in the future on Metaverse for them.
+ APP for collection analysis at this point we focused only on Solanart collections.


Do you dream of having your own land? Soon it will be possible in the NFT world with the Official Mini Lands project. A total of 50 will be released. Each of our art is made manually. The Mini Lands project involves entering virtual reality on your own island. Each island will be marked with its own avatar, they will look the same and it will depend on the user how he wants to arrange it. We assume that the entire project will be developed in the metaverse in the future.

Plus as Mini Lands we have an APP for NFT analysis
The application is used to analyze the NFT collection on the SOLANART platform.

It is possible to check and analyze any collection on the charts with our collection search engine.

There are 3 charts analyzing collections in real time:
- informing us when to buy NFTs, when to sell them
- what is the volume trade
- scam alert informing about potential fraud. (We are assisted by Scam Adviser)

It shows:
- the hottest collection
- 6 hot collections
- collections with potential to grow
- scam alert that allows you to verify scams and rug-pulls easier.