Launched: April 11 2023

MetaStar Strikers


Attention Strikers! We are very excited to share with you our Vip Founders Edition Box! After we sold out our last collection in only 2 seconds we are sure this one will also be a HUGE success! The VIP Founders Edition Box brings more benefits, exclusiveness, and the Minting is free! 


How to get a WL Spot?
There will be 2 different ways to get a WL Spot:

  • Free Claim Holders: this will be the first and most premium way, where you need to provide us your Metamask wallet to prove you own a Free Claim Pass - there will be no burn of Free Claim Pass.
  • Mint Pass Holders: second way, where you need to provide us with your Metamask wallet and transfer your mint pass by opening a ticket on discord, so we can burn it and convert it into a WL spot.

Don't miss our minting phase on April 11th!
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