Launched: June 09 2022

Meta Labs Agents


Meta Labs is the key to coming out of web2 into web3, unlocking your blockchain world.

META LABS NFT is your key to the world of Web3. We are here to accomplish what others cannot, and go where others haven’t dared to go. Becoming an MLAgent is the path into blockchain mastery, exclusivity, and opportunity. No matter your background, experience or walk of life, as an MLAgent you will come out on top in this new world.

Your security clearance as an MLAgent grants you high level access to the metaverse, monthly reflections, whitelist entries for blue chip NFT projects, daily giveaways, custom computers, weekly AMA’s with the founders, and even education with NFT development experts.

We are opening the books and ready to bring on new Agents. Those dedicated to growth and innovation, those ready to be a part of history in the making. Fulfill your potential, join the MLAgency.


MLAgents are your keys to thriving in web3. Every Agent is key to unlocking exclusive access and rewards only blockchain can offer. Some of these MLAgents will be more valuable and rare than others, but all will join in on all the education, rewards, and exclusive access MLA offers.

Roughly 200 characteristics of varying rarity are distributed across 12 categories. Future updates to the world and airdrops to NFT owners will further distinguish these Meta Labs Agents in appearance and capabilities.


Collect 5 Field Agents & Unlock A Free Secret Agent

When you collect all 5 Field Agents: Blue, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Red - You will unlock the ability to burn all five and receive 1 Secret Agent earning you more reflection rewards, more exclusive opportunities, and lifetime access to the whitelist projects, and so much more.

COLLECTION 01 - 30'000

Whitelist access to future MLA projects for remainder of 2022

5 Entries in all Overkill Computer Giveaways (2022,2023)

One time access to the MLA annual event with Elevator
(good for 2022,2023)

Weekly AMA with Founders

Access to NFT worlds City

60% Airdropped Reflections

Requires 5 NFTs to complete set
(burn to move to collection 2)

Post mint Weekly NFT Giveaway
(Regular: 1 Entry, Premium: 5 Entries)

NFT Giveaway Mint ($25-50) to enter in giveaways every four weeks


- Items: 9,000
- Mint Items: 4,000 NFTs released at a time

Total of 5,000 NFTs can be redeemed
Mint Price: $1700
Whitelist access to all future MLA projects for lifetime

25 Entries in all Overkill Giveaways (2022,2023)

Extra Reflection Potential:
Premium access to reflections and collab projects

Participate in reflections from Collection 01 just for holding Collection 02

Receive 70% Reflections
In addition to:
All Utility in Field Agent Collection 1

Premium Members