Launched: September 08 2023, 11:00 UTC

Masked Beauties


Masked Beauties is a community based storytelling NFT project where comic-style NFT Art, Screenwriting and Comic Books merge.



10,000 mysterious Masked Beauties on the Ethereum network testify to the timeless appeal of mystery and beauty. 777 unique, hand-drawn, comic style traits allow for an unimaginable number of possible unique combinations.

Every trait has been meticulously designed, drawn and fitted to ensure the collection is vibrant, colorful and beautiful. Unlock Masked Beauties hidden identities and delve into an enigmatic realm, where art, beauty and mystery collide.

Comic Book:

To bring the backstory of Masked Beauties to life, we will create a Comic Book series surrounding the characters of Masked Beauties.
The story, written in the form of a Hollywood Screenplay, will take you on a wild ride by diving deep into the story of Masked Beauties. It will include everything you love about your favorite movies, including car chases, thrilling fighting scenes, drama, tragedy and comedy.

All Masked Beauties holders will be able to claim a free digital version of the first Masked Beauties Comic Book at the end of 2023. If at least half of the Masked Beauties collection has been minted, we will deliver a limited print edition of the Comic Book at the start of 2024.


Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who celebrate the power of hidden identities, the allure of the unknown, and the timeless charm of beauty and comic-style art.
You can be an active part in designing the Comic Book by e.g. voting on different cover versions and more. Your voice and taste matter in shaping the future of the project.

Masked Beauties holder will receive exclusive membership access to upcoming drops, future collections and more.

Add a touch of mystery and beauty to your NFT portfolio by owning your Masked Beauties. Your inner beauty is calling, it's time to answer.