Launched: December 10 2022, 17:00 UTC



MagicMaze is a community driven project based on a collection of 420 mazes randomly developed by AI.

All artworks revolve around a gamification concept and not only on graphic attributes: all mazes have their own traits, matrix and colors and all comes with a path to the solution that users can play with.

Anyone can engage with his own NFT, find the solution and access to the first batch of $MAZE distribution through the airdrop.


Supporting Magicmaze DAO comes through the form of owning a Magicmaze NFT.
The collection is the starting point of the whole ecosystem and is composed by 420 mazes, randomly developed by AI. The project have his own utility token $MAZE, that works as internal currency of the DAO and provide future utilities.

Owning a Magicmaze NFT mainly provide access to Magicmaze DAO with dedicated channels, alpha, reserved whitelist and more community benefits. Also leads to acquire $MAZE tokens, that unlocks multiple benefit for holders.