Launched: March 15 2023

Mad Era: The Invasion of the Mutants


Mad Hares discovered that a faulty Love Potion recipe could reverse the mind-control of Universal Intelligence Agency and they were ready to accept every side effect.


Mutate, collect rarity points & win prizes 
For the first time ever you can:

Increase the rarity score of your Mutant to compete for ranking tiers that enable different Quantum Frenzy in-game and other rewards. Each pack = different points. Unlock new traits you can use on your Mutant. Each Pack contains 1 completely new trait.  

Note: Each Pack can be used once. Do not buy on secondary marketplace. Duplicate Mad Mutants are not allowed. If you don't use the custom trait, you still get rarity score boost. You can use many Upgrade Packs on one Mutant. No potions needed. Must hold Mad Hare to mutate.