Launched: April 10 2023

Love for Dante


One of our very supportive members, KillerKrayon, and his wife are going through an incredibly challenging time. Their baby was born two months premature and required an emergency c-section. Our hearts go out to them, and we are sending love and positive energy to little Dante and the entire family.


We all have families and wanted to do something to help them during this difficult time. Chemical X has kindly donated this new LOVE colourway that we are listing for a limited time period as an open edition to help support them.

We know that our community is strong and supportive, and we are asking for your help to share this with your friends, family, other discord servers and social media platforms. Your support can make a significant difference in helping @KillerKrayon's family through this really challenging time.

We ask that you keep Dante in your positive thoughts and send them all the love and strength they need. 

The #1 team thank you in advance for your help and support