Launched: January 01 2022

Little Panda Tremax


1,000 Unique Little Pandas Panda face living on the polygon chain looking to be adopted by a collector


Little Panda is the first 3D Animated Digital Art collection of Little Pandas as NFTs. Little Panda 3D consist of 1,000 Limited Unique 3D Characters Minted on the Polygon Blockchain hence less gas fees and carbon emission. Every single NFT contains an unlockable asset pack which allows your Litte Pandas access into metaverse (Pandaverse), augmented reality, virtual reality, along with almost any 3D modeling or animation software. If you own Little Panda NFT, you are part of the Little Panda COLLECTORS CLUB. Access to exclusive airdrops, metaverse wearables, private events, VIP Discord status, and an immersive community.

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