Launched: February 03 2023



You may be wondering what this project is all about...

LazyToons is a collection of 3000 generated NFTs!! Each LazyToon is a unique, non-fungible token operating on the Solana blockchain!! All the LazyToons are made of hundreds of mind blowing traits of body, hair, clothes and many other accessories, there will never be one like yours!!


We consider ourselves as the most punk collection within the Solana Ecosystem! Our Toons are the craziest and most unpredictable characters, made by and for real Degens! We want to create a feeling of belonging and identification with us from every member of this family!! Because this community is the foundation of LazyToons world!!

This project is developed to bring value to our holders in the medium term! Our idea is to develop as the Solana ecosystem develops! But we did not forget to offer a series of utilities that you will be able to enjoy from the beginning!

Collection utilities:

Exclusive access to limited launches of clothing and products of our own brand!

Collabs with great collections of the Aptos Ecosystem.

Access to useful tools within the apt ecosystem for both developers and collectors!

Exclusive surprises for the holders of the existing 1/1 in the collection!

Sweepstakes, giveaways, events and much more!

Join our journey, join the LazyToons!