Launched: June 27 2024, 06:00 UTC

Katana Inu x BabyDoge NFT Collection


Katana Inu X BabyDoge:

Our upcoming NFT collection with BabyDoge is another testament to our vision of expanding the Katana Inu universe to new horizons. Through this collection the community members will be able to mint a treasure chest containing randomly selected NFTs from our weapons collection and BabyDoge character collection. This is your chance to collect some of the rarest weapons & skins the Katana Inu armory has to offer.


Katana Inu:
Katana Inu is an on-chain multiplayer game featuring both Free2Play and Play & Earn elements with snappy sword and spell fighting. In a third-person perspective, Katana Inu immerses players in fast-paced combat, wielding katanas and powerful spells. The game focuses on a Play-To-Own approach, enticing gamers from Web2 to embrace Web3, providing an exceptional and fair experience. All in-game skins and spells are cosmetic, ensuring a level playing field.

Baby Doge is a fun meme token built on the BNB Chain, boasting lightning-quick 5-second block speeds (that's faster than Ethereum!). Owning Baby Doge is a way to show your love for adorable pups and furry friends worldwide. With a thriving community of over 2 million strong on Twitter, Baby Doge is on a mission to win hearts, not just transactions.